Late nights, sex and cuddling

That moment when your all hot and bothered and your man has you wrapped up in his arms, and his hands rubbing your body so gently and your rubbing on his chest. Come on now, we all have these sensual cuddling moments. Pandora on Silk radio station as the words of Freak Me is getting you all rowd up to tear him apart, the kissing and touching as the anticipation rises and your ready to share the moment of passionate, rough sex with the man you want to spend your life with. He knows all your spots and you want to explore all of his, the biting, scratching, hair pulling only makes it more exciting. However, how you wrap your legs around him as he’s exploring your womanhood and your rubbing his head, quietly whispering in his ear to go deeper is very passionate love. Together you guys are in your own world and not caring who hears you. The most exciting moment when he slowly kisses your body, from your ear to your inner thighs, not missing a spot as you wrap your legs around his neck and arch your back in excitement as he’s eating your sundae, and your ice cream is about to melt. As he gets up, you grab his face to taste your own juices off his lips..late nights, sex and cuddling 🙂

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