My Temple

I embrace my temple, as far as I know I always did. I was never afraid to embrace what God gave me and what he didn’t such as huge breast, which I do not have. I was always teased by family about having small breast. However, I NEVER let that get to me cause I knew my body was beautiful. I don’t want to alter what God gave me and I have the body that some girls try to achieve, small waist and slim figure. I am always the girl that will show some legs, or stomach because I’m comfortable in my own temple. Don’t call me slutty because I like to reveal more than usual, I embrace what I have and every woman should no matter how big or small you are, just be tasteful about it. I hate bras and I do walk around my house naked sometimes.I do admit I was insecure about my breast but my man always gave me that boost and reminded me that they’re sexy, I do believe woman should take care of there bodies though, I do have my moments where all the bad foods just calls my name, but I do workout, not that I have too, but I try to eat healthy as well not only for my temple but for my health in general. Ladies you are beautiful, don’t ever try to look like the next girl, but if that’s what you want and it will help boost your confident do you boo! Just don’t bash one another because of what the next person have, all in all love and embrace your temple; its all you have and no one can take from you. Remember people dislike you because you DO NOT dislike yourself.



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