Relationships: How to make it work

I must admit I’ve never been cheated on, or went through a break up to where my ex and I stopped talking and hated each other. I’ve never been through heartbreak like you see in the movies. However, I’ve had friends and acquaintances lean on my shoulder for help and advice, and seen my mom go through hell and back in her marriage reason why I chose Psychology as a career to pursue. Anywho lets talk about relationships, their not easy especially when your young and there definitely draining at times dealing with two different personalities, different ways that one another handle situations and how each other expresses themselves. The word LOVE once again has to start within and just freely giving others love even to strangers, but it isn’t that easy. When your in a relationship it’s WORK! you have to be strong and willing to fight for your relationship, despite what others might put in your ear, but if the guy really isn’t trying at all and you are, just let it go because trust me your wasting your time. But if your dude is trying and you know he is, then make it work hell! Also you guys don’t have to talk to each other everyday, I don’t understand how females feel the need to talk to there man everyday and if they don’t they go insane, give each other time to miss one another. If your his girl, he’s not going to forget you! A guy who wants to be with you is going to try to make it work regardless, he will make time to try to keep you happy and focused! Ladies stop feeling the need to be loved, and the need for attention! Don’t search for love, it will come to you! I feel like the need for attention and the feeling of wanting to be love will tear a relationship apart because you will sit there..thinking about what he’s doing, and why he isn’t texting you and then your mind starts to wonder. When the mind wonders, that’s when the shit explodes. Don’t accuse a guy of ANYTHING unless you have proof, stop mind wondering cause you will most likely think the worst, & when that happens that’s when the word TRUST breaks. Therefore, no one can tell you about your relationship, if their not in it, unless you told them information about you and your man issues. Surround yourself around positive people that wants the best for you!!!! PLEASE even if your down, know that you can feed off their positive vibes. Remember if he is trying, make it work. If he isn’t let it go honey. As well never take advice from a bitter friend male or female because trust me there negative energy will transfer onto you. No one knows your relationship better than you, my family is full of strong women that fight for what they want and feel is necessary, your going to go through depressing moments because no relationship is perfect not even life itself, but take it a day at a time and find inspiration, whatever it takes make it work if possible. Don’t loose your strength and confidence in a relationship, no man that loves you will break you or make you loose yourself. Stand up for what you want and COMMUNICATE with one another when you feel something on your chest, speak on it, never go to bed mad at one another or in general. If you feel like it’s not going to work and you want to leave, LEAVE never stay in a relationship if your not going to put effort in it and vice versa. I hope this will help anyone male or female in need of positive words and hope.

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