NickiTALKS: Self Love & Acceptance

When your growing up your influenced by a lot different things you’ve witnessed in your life. That somewhat shape you into the person that you want to be or the person that you desire not to be. You’re trying to find yourself in this very peer pressured world, but you have to remain true to yourself. Self love has to come from within, no one can tell you how to love yourself or anyone else for that matter. If you don’t love yourself you’re going to be searching in all the wrong places looking for love. Therefore, work on yourself first before you allow someone else into your life on a serious level. Your self esteem plays a part in self love, and it can be damaged from when you were younger, if you have low self esteem a lot of things can damage you, and you will be easily influenced in any and everything, looking for ways to be like the next person. It’s ok not be like the next person first of all! Never try to fit in something that you have second guessed. I always say surround yourself around positive people that will help you evolve but also let you know the truth and won’t be afraid to be real with you. Accept what is real within yourself, read inspirational books or quotes, take risks and just focus on yourself being the best you can be. You will have days that are gloomy, but however don’t fight those days do what you have to do to let those emotions out, cry, listen to music do anything to let it out! You’re human don’t fight the emotions you go through or hide from them, never brush issues under the rug, let it flow! Then start all over with accepting the good and bad days, no day will ever be the same unless you let it be, get your emotions out and move on with a positive mindset. Don’t let anyone have that power over you to control your emotions daily, as long as you love yourself and stay positive, your energy will only continue to transfer to other individuals and then you can be that teacher on loving and accepting things in life. Love yourself and accept yourself…if your different, be different! Do not try to be like Lucy and Sam 🙂 Be you and love yourself for what you can do for yourself. Dig it?



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