Bestie: The Kelly Martin

I had a lot  friends living in Miami, the school knew of us Eugene’s because most of my uncles and aunts went to the same elementary and middle schools as I did but since moving to Texas, the rate drop chile! However I know I can ALWAYS count on my boo Kelly Martin to be there, ALWAYS! We’ve known each other since the 7th grade and I always laugh at the memories of how we met, I was in Ms. Kelly science class as well as Martin and I was the new girl and kept to myself, I must admit I had a horrible attitude back then..But it was this one moment when this guy name Corrrence tried to put me down with his cousin and I turned and looked at him and rolled my eyes “like you have no chance nor does your cousin” and however Martin caught that moment and died in laughter. I really don’t know how we began talking but I know that our relationship has been strong ever since! In school everyone wondered was he gay or not, I knew he was but I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, so I just waited until he came out and told me. I still love him as much and just knew we will only go up from there. We’ve been there for one another in our high and low moments. We have NEVER had a argument, every time were around one another its FUN and positive vibes! I am so happy to call him my bestie and use that word with confidence. I don’t have a lot of people that I can call my best friend and I cherish my moments with a few. However, he gets me and I get him! I’ve always dealt with females always being negative or in competition with me for no reason, I never feed into it though. I’ve always been closer with guys anyways cause females always find something wrong in one another. I’m too free spirited for that!  As we evolve, we become stronger friends. I can tell him any and everything, without him judging me and he is just awesome! He keeps it 1000 with me! My family loves him and so do I, He will be at my wedding and I will be at his. When we go out it’s always fun and no worries, I’m just glad I can actually call someone my best friend. Ladies and Gentlemen meet my BESTFRANNNNN “The Kelly Martin”



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