NickiTALKS: Do you need Love? Love for the birds?

Let’s start this off in the words of Bobby Womack, “Everyone needs something or someone to love.” One of my favorite songs by the way. However, let’s talk about men and women going around saying they don’t need love or want it for that matter. I mean of course we do go through stages in our life, where we’re content with life and don’t need a significant other to complete us. But all in all, come on! we all get lonely, and I know you look at other people relationships and be like “relationship goals!” might I add I hate when people say that but that’s another blog! But any who God did not make men and women for us not to be with one another! I read this caption by one of my favorite YouTubers Vicky Logan on instagram and I was like this has to be on the next NickiTALKS blog! So the picture was of her husband Cam and she stated ” BTW single gals: your future husband is not perfect. He won’t always clean up after himself. He will pretend to listen to you when he’s not. He won’t always be around to kill your spiders, and basketball will always be life. But you gon need someone to love you when Flo is visiting and you’re PMSing and your hair is uneven and you look dusty with no makeup on. Love ain’t all cupcakes and roses, but you need love. So get over yourself!” LAWD when I read that I screen shot it and said PREACH, CHUUCH MY SISTER!! We fail to realize that we can’t always be strong by ourselves, who wants to die alone? Who wants to be in their 40s and have no kids and never been married? Like I know I don’t! and I feel sorry for woman who are! I watch reality TV shows and see woman resorting to fertility clinics to see if their even capable of having children, or having to adopt because they want children but don’t have a man or too old to have children. BY ALL MEANS, LADIES WE ARE STRONG INDIVIDUALS! But having a real, strong man by our side isn’t bad either. I don’t believe love is for the birds, it’s nothing wrong with loving a woman/man and having it back in return. Do you need love, I’M saying you do! However, I’m not saying you need it asap, but two strong individuals are better than one. Whenever you feel like you want to share your life with someone else, take the time and effort to do so. Don’t worry about other people relationships or what people think about your decisions. Also, don’t compare and contrast your relationships with other relationships. In addition, men stop acting all tough in front of your guy friends, I believe guys are more sensitive then woman are anyways. So underneath all that tough exterior, they want a real woman to ride and die for them, and just hold them tight at night and tell them I love you. Their like big teddy bears trust me ladies. In addition, don’t love someone if you can’t love yourself! Love is beautiful, necessary when needed and free! LOL but don’t forget to love beyond family, friends, and your mate. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR! “We all need something or someone to love!” -Bobby Womack



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