NickiTALKS: “Queens” Women in my corner.

From growing up, I’ve always had strong women in my family. I mean everyone is going to think their relatives are strong, but when I say strong I mean STRONG! My grandmother raised 12 kids basically on her own, when my granddad decided to leave her out the blue. My mom had me when she was 14 and kept me as hers, all my aunts had children at young ages, abuse, heartbreak all was a pattern in my family. However, the women in my family fought through it, and I can say growing up watching all of this play in front of me, is what makes us second generation girls as strong. If anyone knows me, they know I do want I want, I never let other people influence me and I am a very strong minded person, I do not let anyone or anything hold me back and when I say I am going to do something I do it. I’ve always had a strong/observant personality and as I grow older I want any woman such as friends or mentors in my life to be as strong. I realized that I am not a female that needs a man attention, I just feel like females these days are so misconstrued on what they want. Giving yourself to many different man trying to find love or whatever it is the reason you do what you do, is just not me. I have nothing in common with females like that. I don’t want to be around them, I also feel if your trying for someone, that doesn’t respect you and is rude and disrespectful then you need to think over your priorities. No man should talk to you crazy, I mean men do that but for you to take it especially if you guys have no commitment is crazy to me. I’ve dealt with a guy putting his hands on me, and I left! I refuse to love a man that put his hands on me. I look at myself as a Queen and I carry myself in that matter. I’m not perfect but however I also don’t respect woman that don’t carry and look at themselves as Queens. God made all of us Queens and don’t be blinded by lust to the point where you don’t see that gift. So from now on, the women that I have in my corner are going to be strong individuals like myself and carry themselves in that way; like the women in my family. I need females that not only represent me but represent themselves even stronger as Queens. They fight for what they want, and stand up for what they believe in. Were not judgmental/ picky ladies, we’re just strong Queens.



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