It’s NOT all about Me!

For awhile I’ve always been the one who would always want to help but consider how I will feel about it. If I wanted to help a friend but wondered will I reap the benefits or would that person annoy me. Thinking I was doing it from the good of my heart, until I realized it wasn’t until I put my needs to the side to actually help someone in need without thinking of myself. If you want to help, help! Don’t do it because you want to, but then you second guess it cause you wonder how it will affect you. I started to see what people was telling me all my life, that I was selfish! I use to always deny it, but as I grew and thought about it, I was! The journey that I am going through, is one of the best things I can do for myself and others! I don’t categorize any of my blog posts because everything I write shouldn’t be categorized, just like I don’t want a label used to describe me! I do not write to reap the benefits of exposure, I write cause I enjoy it! I enjoy expressing myself and ideas to others. I also write poems but I am still shy about it, there my babies!! No one ever knew I use to write because I held it in and used it to release my personal thoughts and feelings, but now I share it with others so maybe it can help someone in need! It’s not about me, and anyone that is full of themselves needs a reality check! My aunt Stephanie, was the first one really excited for my blogs, due to her being aware that I go deep and enjoy it. She recently told me I should advertise it, but like I said I don’t do it for the exposure, likes, or any of that. I’m just glad someone enjoys reading what I write. I want to help, I want people to know that they’re not alone, sending positive messages and speaking about self improvement and a little extra stuff on the side 😉 is what I like to do. Once you realized that this world does not evolve around you, and that you have to consider the people around you and be aware of others need, you will grow. I mean help who you want to help, however, don’t do it cause you want the spotlight of knowing you helped that person, or don’t do it cause your going to want something in return for helping that person. Do it from the kindness of your heart. It’s NOT all about you! I want to thank a friend of mine Karlene, who helped me find this website to start my blogs!



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