Thank You!

I’m awake just feeling like saying thank you! Thank you for my family, Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for even giving me such wonderful family and friends. The new ones and the old ones, I realized each person shows me something in myself that I have to change or admire to be. Thank you for living father! The struggles, the joys, the heart ache, the laughter, the hits and the misses. Thank you! I wake up everyday just giving thanks to him, for letting me open my eyes and taking that breath of air, and having everyone in my life taking that breath of air with me! I live for moments I can share with my family. I ask that not only shall we see growth, but wisdom as well; making us more knowledgeable about you father God! I ask that when I’m feeling down let me sulk in it, just so that you can show me your miracles of joy, that my world shall bring! I look forward to the brightest future with you by my side and my family! I thank you! I love you!



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