Straight Outta Compton: Highlights and More


Hi guys! I’ve missed you, I know I’ve been gone but I was going through life, but that’s another blog. So I went to go see Straight Outta Compton last night (August 15) and let me tell you guys I died for this movie when I found out that Ice Cube son was going to play him in the movie! My reaction was like” OMG THEY’RE COMING OUT WITH A MOVIE! The anticipation arose waiting for the movie to come out, melting over the trailers. N.W.A. came out in the late 80s, and their career took off in the early 90s. If you know me, then you know I’m a 90s person all the way, everything about the 90s¬†is LIFE to me! So, it was meant for me to see this movie! It was every kind of race, age group in the theater. Even older Caucasian couples there! As I watched the movie I was sooo into it, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, and wouldn’t dare to answer text messages! I watched how Ice Cube son “O’shea Jackson Jr.” killed his dad role,¬†resembling his dad so much, it’s like I was actually watching the real¬†Ice Cube, but also¬†all the cast members played each role SO WELL!¬† As the movie showed how African Americans dealt with racial issues in Compton, I can’t help but to compare it to how America is now. The struggle will never end. I immediately thought about myself, my family in general; my brothers mainly. Being black in America was always a issue, and the police “to protect and serve” was always our enemies. It showed the scene of Rodney King getting beat repeatedly¬† CAUGHT ON TAPE, and how the members of NWA dealt with seeing how being black¬†is hard, the police all of them I might add, was found not guilty. Pattern anyone? I can’t help but notice, how this movie came out and depicted the same issues that are now going on in America today, everyday. Now growing up in Miami, I’ve seen my uncles go through the same stuff with the police repeatedly and also my younger brothers, as well as my brother telling me things police said to him, when we were not in sight. So I don’t want anyone thinking I am jumping on the bandwagon and just saying “fuck the police” that isn’t it! I’ve witnessed it and being such an observant person I can see what other black families had to deal with, or are¬†dealing with. I can’t help but feel a certain way towards police. Being a female, doesn’t protect me either. By being African American, all odds are against me. However I will not fall, I will stand up tall for what I believe in, I’m not afraid of the police and their are good ones out there by all means, but all the bad ones are being depicted and we as African Americans have no choice to feel¬†how we feel. It was one scene in the movie where the police in Detroit did not want NWA to play there oh so loving song of mine called “Fuck the Police” I might add that Ice Cube verse was oh so heavenly lol but NWA however did¬†end up performing the song, before performing the song O’shea Jackson Jr.(Ice Cube) informed the audience that the police did not want them to perform the song, as the crowd boo’d, He told them to raise their middle fingers up, as they all did! So did the members of NWA, the beat drop and he killed the verse of “Fuck the Police” song! I melted it was soo enticing to me! I KNEW¬† after I left the movie theatre, I had so many feelings going on inside me, and I had to write this blog ASAP! I give the movie 5 stars, it was raw and real, I’m happy that¬† Ice Cube and Dr. Dre helped produced the movie, so you know it wasn’t as¬†sugar coated. It’s a amazing movie and by it’s success of grossing $56 million in 2 days is EPIC! I love seeing African American movies being a success!! African Americans being successful in general. Directed by Gary Gray who also Directed “Friday” as well as “A Man Apart” and one of my favorite movies “Set it Off” is great at what he does! If you haven’t seen the movie, you should!

As in the words of Eazy-E “Don’t quote me boy cause I ain’t said shit.”



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