NickTALKS: My new MAN…

Hey guys! I’ve miss just talking to you guys, I know I’ve been M.I.A. for awhile but let me tell you guys life has been soo stressful for me the pass three months! Money issues, guy issues, moving, work, school ugh life! it’s progressing but I still have improving to do..Friends text me asking when I am going to post a new blog, and I’ve had so much to talk about, but the strength and energy I didn’t have. I am going to do better cause I REALLY enjoy writing and helping. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty! So I never really talk about my personal life, I always have advice for others but my readers don’t really know me and my issues, so let’s get started grab some tea and popcorn lol!

So, I recently got out of a relationship in July but really gave up on it in August! I thought this guy was the one for me, thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. Others couldn’t understand why I was with him because they say he was too goofy/immature for me but that’s what I felt drew me to him. I personally don’t think he’s immature, but to each it’s own. However I couldn’t count on him to be there for me when I needed him to be there the most, you know those times where you’re down and you just want someone to lift you up? Those times! It was a continuous issue for year, and me being a strong person I stuck along, being strong for him because he was going through life issues himself. I didn’t want to leave him because I wanted to be that light at the end of the tunnel, I lost myself, and most importantly my happiness. He didn’t fulfill the promises he told me when we got together. I felt like he was putting his best friend before me in many situations, and I didn’t like that. He has communication issues and it’s hard for him to open up! Everyone who knows me knows I am a very open person, and I like to talk things out. Holding things in drives me nuts, so trying to get him to open up was just draining as hell. I drained myself honestly! So once it ended, I honestly felt free and just a weight lifted of my shoulders. Ladies never loose yourself in a relationship, if a man really wants to be with you he will do his all to be with you, try his best at whatever his issue is so that the relationship can work. I sometimes think I wasted a year of my life, but hey I live by no regrets! This experience has opened up my eyes and taught me a life lesson..My brother told me he felt like my ex wasn’t as strong as me, that’s why it didn’t work. He said I need a strong man to handle me because I am a strong person and at first I didn’t get it, but now I do. It brings me to tears to see what others see in me and my passion.

So now I fight to stay happy and I’ve found a new love and he’s PERFECT! I wake up to him every morning, and go to sleep with him every night. He’s everywhere I am, and he protects me. Most importantly HE’S THERE FOR ME!! His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, I find that no matter what the lord is there for me. He has taught me to let go and be strong and whatever guy comes into my life they have to go through my Jesus first! I no longer will deal with men that isn’t right with Jesus! If I vow to be a better person through him, so does my guy. I admit I always get ask to go on dates, from ‘men’ since me and my ex split but I just feel like it’s going to be a repeated pattern, so I just don’t go. I am so afraid for someone not to be there for me, I have my guard up. However, I am going to focus on me and bettering my relationship with my Jesus, and then he will send me my night and shining armor. I vow to make myself happy first!



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