NickiTALKS: Fake Friends/ Happiness/ Insecurities..

Hello to all my favorite people, back with another NickiTALKS blog. I recently had some additions to my life, as well as lost a few people as we all know me and my ex are not getting back together, but were mutual. He recently visited me last week and that’s that, I’ve also lost one of “my bestfriends” no she did not die but she is/ will not be apart of my life not even mutual, that’s that as well lol. If its one thing about myself that I want my readers to know about me is that I’m open about speaking on issues we struggle with on a daily basis and my opinions on what is going on in the world. However, with my life I’m private with certain things. So if I tell someone something in private, then it should not be repeated around people POINT, BLANK, PERIOD!. So that’s one of the reasons why my relationship with “my bestfriend”  ended. Having negative people around me or anyone who thinks there too good for a certain crowd of people is not what I need. Jealousy, insecurities has always been why myself and females never clicked! I’m open to meeting people by all means, but I am also introverted. So many females will think I’m stuck up, by me being attractive and to myself. Yes I will say that because I am a very confident person, but I am by all means not stuck up at all. I’ve always had females tell me that their first impression of me was that. I’ll ask why and they just say I look like that lol so crazy how people think someone may be just by looking at them, so inaccurate! However I’ve met four new friends that I clicked with off back since last year and I can say I will forever have a small circle of female friends because it’s not many girls that are not complaining brats! It drives me crazy how much females complain and gossip, can we just be happy and have fun geesh! When I told my mom about me and my friend relationship ending, her exact words were “I knew it! cause she talks too much and your not like that.” It’s crazy how mothers know what’s best for you, it’s like they have psychic powers lol! My brother told me I should talk to her about it, but if I cared honestly I would but I got tired of fixing the issues every time they came. A true friend don’t wait til the other one addresses a problem for them to speak. It’s like she always wanted me to come to her first, I don’t kiss ass and I damn sure won’t start. So my journey continues with my peace and happiness, letting certain people out your life is ok, because you gain new ones and life is about change and growth. I’ve grown to only have positive people in my life, if that means less friends then that’s perfectly fine.


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