NickiTALKS:UPDATES..Youtube? Caucasian BF..School

MY LOVES!! I continue to go missing but a lot has been going on in my life and honestly school has taken up 80% of my time. I have a lot of awesome things to tell you guys and future things I will be getting into! So I know I recently said I will be doing YouTube videos and I will, but I wanted to get all the equipment instead of doing it on my iPhone. So after looking at different cameras and their features I decided on a great entry level camera. I will be doing vlogs and many various things on my channel. I as well do not want to categorize my channel, because our minds are very broad and I do not want to limit myself to just a few things. When I’m capable of a lot of great things. I as well found a new love partner, yes it happened quickly but I really enjoy every moment with him and the happiness I feel is just what I was missing for a year in my past relationship. Now I know you guys know I mentioned in one of my blogs about dating white men, well YES MY NEW BOO IS WHITE! I am comfortable around him and vice versa, and don’t really care about the stares and questions, I’m happy. As far as school goes, lord I am ready to be done with this semester! My brain is damn near overcooked lol I will be a Junior  in Spring 16′ and I am just ready for Graduate School already lol I tend to think ahead a lot! I as well decided that I will be cutting my hair ONCE AGAIN for the second time in my natural hair journey. Next month (December) I will be getting a short twa like J. Mayo on YouTube. I, however will be dying my hair jet black. I haven’t had jet black hair in years! My natural hair color is brown and I also tend to dye my hair in the burgundy/auburn colors. So there is a little update and I will keep you guys updated on my YouTube videos..



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