Glow up year..2016

The New Year is approaching and I am destined for greatness and plentiful opportunities that I will be involved in. At this time by the end of 2106 I will come back to this blog to see if I accomplished all that I’ve said. I’ve never been the one to set New Years Resolutions, I just always wished and prayed for another year with my family. However, this year I will be setting a few goals for myself. I am the first one to tell you that I HATE jobs!! I just wish I can be a Psychologist already!! So in 2016 I plan on being my own boss, doing what I enjoy doing before I get that good ol Ph.D. I will in hopes make Youtube a full time job, creating new content, traveling, meeting my favorite Youtubers and most of all connecting with others. I really enjoy fashion and styling men many would say I am better at styling men and I agree! So my channel will consists of many lookbooks. 2016 will be mostly about growing my Youtube channel. I as well want to strengthen my relationship with God and be happy and peaceful. I already will be bringing in the New Year with my new love and strengthening our relationship is as important. Getting a new vehicle as well is on my list. In a few weeks my GLOW UP YEAR will be starting! Get ready to glow up with me! I will always keep you guys updated. I look forward to building new relationships, and maybe rekindle old ones. I will always remain true to myself though no matter what…






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