New Camera, YouTube Name, Ideas…

Hey loves!!!! So the time is approaching for my first video, I finally got the camera I wanted and I decided on the Samsung NX2000 camera. I however will also be getting the Sony Alpha a5000 in February/March and I will be doing vlogs with that specific camera. I’m so excited to start recording I also will be making a instagram and snapchat so you guys can be interactive with me on there as well. You guys I am soooo excited it makes no sense of course I need more items, tripod, lighting, editing software etc. but with the help of family members and bae I will have everything I need very soon. They’re so supportive and want to see me happy and by me making videos, I believe it will make me happy and give me a new hobby. It took me a lot of courage to agree to making videos, so many people told me I should start a YouTube channel but I was always shy. So I want to involve you guys in my whole Youtube Journey and would like for you guys to give me some suggestions on names for my channel.. Nothing to long or with a lot of numbers lol. I have a few names in mind but I want you guys input on other names as well…Let me know and til next time  love, peace and happiness loves!



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