Best Christmas Ever

Merry belated Christmas everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and their loved ones, I did for sure. So for Christmas I went back to my parents house to enjoy the company of my loved ones! I was their for five days and enjoyed seeing them and my adorable nephew. So every Christmas my mom will continue to buy gifts for you no matter your age, so I love it! I do not necessarily believe as you get older the less gifts you receive. I’m 24 and I’ve gotten a gift every year, yea were spoiled in some ways. So when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her a tripod since bae was getting my ring light. However, my brother showed her this lightning kit I showed him one day and that was what she got me instead of the tripod. I love him! he knows everything about me. So when I opened the box there it was! A beautiful lighting kit omg I died!!!! I have umbrella reflectors, single head light holder, light stands, CFL light bulbs, plus more! Then my uncle came and gave me all this equipment for my camera, and he gave me his old SONY NEX 3N camera with lens! so now I have 2 cameras. I was in heaven, everyone knows when I do something I do it right! I never half do anything and I am a perfectionist so I need all the stuff I want to make my YouTube channel BOMB! I am so happy and thankful for my family and helping me with my upcoming stuff I have planned, I can’t wait til I post my first video you guys will be the first to know! well til next time!




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