NickiTALKS:Pregnant, MIA, Youtube, Lifestyle..

Hey babes! wash popping lol I just wanted to say that because I love Cardi B. I always tend to go missing but life is life. I’ve changed so much in my lifestyle, eating healthy and working out, it’s like I’m trying to be a body builder lol. I honestly feel better when I’m toned cause if you know me, you know I like to show skin. My brother even has me going to the gym with him! Lord knows I like to workout at home. But I know you guys are wondering what I am talking about when I wrote pregnant in my headline. Well NO I am/was not pregnant, but two of my brothers welcomed babies into our family, one entered the world in November and my newest nephew entered the world on February 9. My sister is pregnant as well, and she’s having a GIRL 🙂 I don’t need any kids, I have nieces and nephews for that. Guess what I did for the 3rd time! I CUT MY HAIR lol this time really low like ugh lord my hair was too much for me I had to do it, but EVERYONE loves it, thanks to my barber Titus! Who ALWAYS hook a sista up! About this Youtube ordeal it’s like where to start? Like I have ideas and the equipment but its like my brain is blocked! However, it will get done…Just a lil update..NickiTalks out!

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